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            Tips for Translating the Marketing Materials (Continued)

            3. Appropriately paraphrase the text.

            Sometimes it is unsuitable to translate the text word by word, even though the word for word translation can embody the true meaning of the text.

            For example:

            Example 1

            Source: XXXX strengthens management team

            Translation: XXXX 強化管理團隊建設

            The above translation is almost literal translation and absolutely correct, but correct translation is not enough for marketing materials. The client may not feel satisfy with such insipid expression. Therefore, we should paraphrase the text and make the expression more powerful. The revised one is:

            “XXXX 如虎添翼 網羅精英管理人才”

            Example 2

            Source: xx will oversee strategic Human Resources planning and establish and align HR systems to help xxxx hire and retain top talents and ensure its workforce is united, motivated, and committed to its client-focused culture.

            Translation: xx 女士將負責戰略性人力資源規劃工作,建立和調整人力資源體系,以幫助 xxxx 招募并留住頂尖人才,同時確保員工團結一致,積極進取,并致力于遵循以客戶為本的企業文化。

            The above translation is also translated correctly against the source text, but still not up to standard due to less marketing impact. The translation should be reworded to conform with the marketing requirements, so the revised one is:

            “Xx 女士負責人力資源規劃工作。她將統籌人力資源體系,幫助 xxxx 網羅頂尖人才,同時確保團隊的員工團結一致、積極進取、使“以客戶為本”的企業文化得到貫徹和實現?!?/p>

            In a word, only accurate translation is not everything for marketing materials. We should make the translation read as attractive and impressive as the source text.

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