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            Multilingual Transcription Services

            Founded in 2000, CCJK is a professional human language translation services provider with over 5,000 active translators providing native level services in over 108 languages. Our pricing, quality services and high quality work has gained us the trust of more than 2,000 clients around the world.

            CCJK distributes projects across specialized teams that are carefully chosen because of their industry and language expertise. By maintaining detailed profiles on the professional backgrounds of the well-established and reliable members of our substantial linguist network, our management team is able to ensure the best placement of your projects based on content and field. This cohesive model of project handling brings about the arrangement of optimal working relationships between clients and translators.

            In execution, you will find our team to be appreciative, courteous, and sensitive to the time constraints your office faces. Project finalization is conducted with native level proofreading standards to ensure market readiness.

            Professional Translation Services

            Reliable Human Transcription Services

            Our clients rely on us to focus on the details and handle the video/audio transcription with the best results. Our linguists understand the content flow and therefore deliver the transcript video/audio file at a fast turnaround time. If you think you are not in need of transcription services, you may need to take a closer look at the online community you are dealing with.

            To engage thousands of consumers with various native backgrounds, transcription services technically saves the day by improvising the content in native languages. Whether it’s the interviews, meetings or online conferences, etc. we provide our transcriptions services whenever a client demands. Thanks to our best professional linguist experts, you won’t ever be let down.

            Verbatim Transcription Service

            Need detailed and clear transcription? Don’t want to miss any filler words too? Our verbatim transcription services is the solution. Our experts catch each and every word and skillfully transcribe every single syllable to give you the desired results. Even words such as ‘um, aa, like, are transcribed to retain the natural tone and flow of the content.?

            One-Stop Solution for Flawless Transcription Services

            Here at CCJK, we have top-rated subject matter experts for providing you with impeccable and fast and fluent transcription services for every business domain. Whether you need professional assistance for court hearings or medical reports, we have got you covered.

            We have onboarded industry experts who deliver accurate results for all types of audio and video transcription services.

            Legal Transcription Services

            Need a legal transcriptionist for converting your audio files into organized and reader-friendly documents? We can help!? We have top industry experts for transcribing all types of legal content including:

            • Depositions
            • Appeals
            • Conference Calls
            • Briefs
            • Pleadings
            • Hearings
            • Memorandums
            • Jury Instructions?

            Business Transcription Services

            To keep an organized documented record of all official affairs, we offer top-quality business transcription services by specialized personnel. We cover:?

            • Interviews
            • Reviews
            • Conferences?
            • Meetings?

            Media Transcription Services

            Media and Entertainment industry often requires professional transcription services. We have the required resources needed to deliver fast and reliable transcription services for:?

            • Podcasts
            • Movies
            • Seminars
            • Animations
            • TV Serials

            Top-notch Transcription Services at Fair Rates

            Need transcription services for your audio-visual files? Looking for economical yet good-quality service? Don’t worry, we are here to help!

            Our skilled, trained and experienced professionals work with special attention to detail and we deliver guaranteed satisfaction no matter how small or extensive your project is.

            Human Powered

            We don’t rely on machines to handle your valuable content. In order to maintain high professional standards, we provide human-generated transcriptions by the top experts who ensure the delivery of meticulous results.

            Accurate Results

            Looking for reliable service? CCJK is there for you. We have what it takes to ensure high accuracy for all types of transcription services. Whether you need to transcribe an interview or some testimonials, we ensure flawless results.

            Quality Assurance

            We ensure high-quality results by following a creatively designed? 3-step procedure. The steps we follow include:?

            1. Transcription
            2. Proofreading and Editing
            3. Final Quality Check

            If you are looking for professional, cost-effective and meticulous transcription services, we are just a few clicks away!

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            What People Say About Us

            Need fast and professional transcription services?

            Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you:

            Get Free Quote now!

            Specialized Industries


            • Conference
            • Interview
            • Promotion


            • Court proceeding
            • Legal report


            • Doctors’ dictation
            • Medical dictation
            • Operation report
            • Lab report


            • Documentary video
            • Film, television program
            • Academic research

            Satisfied Clients Case Studies


            The Samsung user manuals were launched timely and hit their target markets successfully. The consistent translation and DTP work quality tied Samsung as one of the most loyal client of CCJK.

            Dwonload pdf

            Hilton Hotels & Resorts

            Hilton Hotels & Resorts wanted a language translation vendor to translate its brochure to several different languages. CCJK offered the professional language translation and desktop publishing service for our client.

            Dwonload pdf

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