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            Software/Website Localization

            Adapt the Complete Functionality, Formatting, and Cultural Relevance of Your Target Market
            Optimize your web presence through our Complete and Efficient Localization Solution

            CCJK strives to build everlasting connections with our clients, and we want the same for you. Our localization solution will help you build a solid relationship with your clients.

            Our team works with all file formats so you don’t need to worry about converting into a different format before sending us your data. We ensure that you enjoy seamless software localization ready for you to launch. Our cost-effective solution will help you save numerous resources. We work at a fast pace, ensuring that you receive everything within the given timeframe.

            CCJK provides you with solutions that help you connect with your audience. Our website localization services are specially tailored to meet all your customized demands.

            website localization

            mobile apps/ games localization

            Mobile Apps/ Game Localization

            Reach out to International Markets, Increase your Downloads and Expand your Business

            We provide a cost effective localization solution to help you increase downloads on your app without spending too much capital or investing in-house resources.

            At CCJK, we provide complete app localization services. Our native mobile app experts will exquisitely localize your app, giving it a natural flair that enables the user to build a connection with your service.

            We utilize a streamlined process that ensures results of the highest standards. Our native professionals work at optimum speeds, ensuring that you receive your projects within the given timeframe.

            eLearning and Training Materials

            Today eLearning tools have become necessities for global businesses and training methods for international individuals. At CCJK, we provide complete eLearning and training material localization that enables you to effortlessly reach out and engage with members using multiple languages at the same time. Our team consists of native specialists, project managers, professional voice over/dubbing artists, and desktop publishing experts.

            Our services include on-screen text translation, voiceovers, script translation, localization of XML and flash content subtitles, and typesetting.

            e learning and training materials
            social media localization

            Social Media Localization

            At CCJK, we provide complete social media localization that helps your international social media in effectiveness and engagement of your target audience. Our experts not only proficient in localization for Facebook and Twitter, but also all local platforms, such as VKontakte, Sina Weibo, Tencent QQ, and Baidu Tieba. Additionally, our on-demand services also include creating and managing foreign social media accounts.

            Our specialized localization solution makes your social media easily accessible and more relatable to international audiences. Our experts are well aware of the key factors that engage your prospective clients. We will work closely with you to provide solutions that increase your global reach and play a vital role in increasing your international client base.

            Better Quality Control System

            Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you:

            ISO 9001-2008

            Our quality control system strictly follows the ISO: 9001-2008 standards to ensure the quality and speed of every project.

            Strict Working Flow

            CCJK’s structured workflow ensures quality consistency across projects despite the size. Every client enjoys the best we have to offer.

            Dedicated Project Manager

            Each CCJK client is assigned a dedicated project manager to monitor the work performed and respond to clients’ ongoing or changing needs.

            Over 95% of our clients recommend
            our language services to others

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