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            Medical Translation for HongKong

            With vast reserves of talented linguists of many different nationalities and a highly effective coordination mechanism in place, CCJK is able to provide most precise and in-context translation services with ultra productivity in most world languages and fields.

            at this post, i would like to share some vocabulary of our recent?medical?translation (Source Language: English, Target Language:?Traditional?Chinese HK, Target ?audience: HongKong User)

            English revised translation original translation
            Patient 患者 病患
            identity 特徵 標識
            office 診所 診療所
            Combination Therapy 結合治療法 整合治療法
            care 護理 照護
            doctor 醫生 醫師
            give (inject) 施打 注射
            Adverse Experience 不良反應 不良事件
            potential option 可行選項 可能的選項
            best supportive care 最佳支持療法 最佳支持性治療
            quality of life 生活質素 生活質量
            monitor participant’s health 監察參與者健康狀況 監控/監測參與者健康狀況
            care and attention 疑問和顧慮 問題和疑慮
            approved therapy 獲認可療法 經驗證療法
            reveive therapy 接受治療 得到治療
            stop their growth 防止惡化 阻止其增長
            conduct medical examination 進行體檢 實施體檢
            visit 會面 訪問/就診
            follow-up 跟進 隨訪
            Informed Consent Presentation 知情同意書
            understand 了解 瞭解
            about the TRAVERSE study 有關 TRAVERSE 研究 瞭解 TRAVERSE 研究
            investigational drug 研究藥物 試驗藥
            lasts approximately four months 為期約四個月 持續約四個月
            although 儘管 盡管
            privacy 私隱 隱私
            encourage 敦促 鼓勵
            keep with 攜帶 挾帶
            If you have any questions that are not answered below, 如有任何以下未涵蓋的問題 如有任何未在下面回答的問題
            人士 人群
            assit 協助 輔助

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