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            Technological innovations dominate the world in every aspect of life. Making a lasting impact on international clients takes finesse, experience, and expertise. CCJK offers numerous specialized localization solutions that helps you cultivate relationships and build lasting loyalty. Our solutions accommodate a wide range of technological documentation, including product manuals, website translation and localization, as well as customer support.

            We provide concise, accurate, and highly professional translations. Our native experts will help you optimize your translations to engage your global audience.

            Our team ensures every last detail of your requirements are met. You deal only with the most qualified and professional interpreters in the world who will give you unparalleled competence.

            selection of technical translators

            Selection of Technical Translators

            At CCJK we treat every type of text extremely carefully after a careful collaboration with a large number of professional translators who possess extensive expertise and experience in the sector of technology, we ensure to contact only the most suitable resource for each text according to the customer’s needs. Therefore, it is important to choose the perfect technical translator not only for its combination of languages of translation but by its specialty and training on the subject of which is the text.

            Quality of technical translation

            Achieving the best possible quality technical translation of your content is our absolute goal. This goal is defined by our firm translation process and adherence to quality control. At CCJK, our strict guidelines enable us to achieve uniform quality of all work.

            quality of technical translation

            Quality Control System

            Customer Care is Our Mantra

            Strict TEP Process

            We adhere to a TEP (Translation, editing and proofreading) process. Your documents will be edited and proofread. If you have any concerns, our customer care team is available for you 24/7.


            Each project is assigned a project manager who ensures all your queries are answered. They constantly stay in touch with the client and the translator to make the whole process seamless.

            ISO 9001-2008

            We are ISO 9001:2008 certified. We follow all quality management guidelines to ensure world-class quality for all our clients.

            Over 95% of our clients recommend
            our language services to others

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