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            Basic Hmong Words

            ? Bengal = suab or suav (suab might be a tone change from suav)

            ??Calendar = nib toos/qas nib toos (from Hmong Southeast Guizhou)

            ? Cash = txiaj (Note that “nyiaj” means silver, not directly means money or cash)

            ? Child = tub (ta, tav from Hmong Hunan and Guizhou), nyuam, nyuas

            ? Currency = npib

            ? Grandchild = ki (kav from Hmong Songtao, Hunan)

            ? Leopard = pos; pos teev

            ? Lion = ntxhuav

            ? Money = txiaj (Note that “nyiaj” means silver, not directly means money or cash)

            ??Nationalism = kev ras haiv

            ? Older sister = viv

            ? Pather = pos; pos txwv

            ? Peanut = txiv luaj (“luaj” is ground or soil); taj qaws taws (from Hmong Southeast Guizhou) (NOTE that “huab xeeb” is Chinese)

            ? Popular culture = qauv pwm haiv (“qauv” is role model; “pwm” is from cuj pwm; and “haiv” is race, national or society)

            ? Sisters = viv ncaus

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            ? Underpants = ris nrog; nrog ris (nrog comes from “nruab nrog” meaning inside or inner)

            ? Undershirt = tsho nrog; nrog tsho (nrog comes from “nruab nrog,” and the word originated from Hmong Sichuan)

            ? Underwear = tsoos nrog; nrog tsoos (nrog comes from “nruab nrog” meaning inside or inner)

            ??Website = vas sab (“vas” is net and “sab” is web; “vas sab” also sounds just like website)

            ? Week = kiab (from Hmong Yunnan and Vietnam)

            ? Younger sister = ncaus

            ??Zero = qhoov (from Hmong Songtao, Guizhou)

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