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            Consumer Products

            Fast, Efficient and Industry-Specific Services

            In the retail industry, each impression counts, making it extremely important for you to create a lasting impression on your global audience. CCJK can help you effectively engage your international client base and leave a favorable impact that lasts. Our solutions go beyond translation; we provide complete localization solutions that help you quickly adapt and meet new niche market expectations.

            Our native language professional are experienced experts who understand the expectations associated with retail documents. We cater to all consumer product projects, including company bylaws for corporations, minutes of meetings, operating agreements, business plans, and memorandums of understanding, contracts, and online terms of use.

            consumer products
            reaching out to international markets

            Reaching International Markets

            At CCJK, we help you complete localization of your consumer products. Whether you deal with electronics or fashion, cell phones or sportswear, we are here to help you make a lasting impact on international audiences.

            Our Services for Consumer Product Translation Include

            • Complete localization strategy
            • Website translation and localization
            • Social media localization
            • Product label and packaging translation
            our services for consumer product translation Include

            Better Quality Control System

            Faster, better, more reliable translation services for you

            ISO 9001-2008

            Our quality control system strictly follows the ISO: 9001-2008 compliancy standards to ensure the quality and speed of every project.

            Strict Working Flow

            CCJK’s structured workflow ensures quality consistency across projects despite the size. Every client enjoys the best we have to offer.

            Dedicated Project Manager

            Each CCJK client is assigned a dedicated project manager to monitor the work performed and respond to clients’ ongoing or changing needs.

            Over 95% of our clients recommend
            our language services to others

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