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            Trusted and Secure Technology Translations Services

            Technology is a vast category that evolves at regular intervals of time. To keep up with the technological aspects, you need to hire a perfect translator catering to the needs of translation.?

            It is important to understand the concepts and upgrades, not to mention, the language fluency affects the flow of translation as well.?

            At CCJK, we excel at providing the services for technological industries as well as in any of the desired language pairs. It is important to remember that our professional translators are possessed quality skills and have extensive experience in the technology sector.?

            Documents We Translate

            • Process documents
            • User documents
            • Internal development documentation
            • Marketing material
            • Troubleshooting report
            • Product feature document
            • Release notes
            • Application Programming Interface (API)
            • Contractual agreements

            Technology Terminology

            Native translators combined with expertise in the technical domain are a powerful combination that you need to look out for. CCJK is the house of such professional translators, who, with their wide scope of knowledge adapts the source content into the target language without any errors or misconceptions.?

            Hard to find these days, the native experts can understand how a local consumer perceives the technological upgrades. With a deep understanding of the industry, our team of translators dominates the translation service while keeping customer’s needs in mind as well as the market niche. Consumer behavior varies from industry to industry. With constant changes in the technology industry, it’s hard to catch up at a global level.?

            To accommodate our clients our qualified group of translators has firsthand experience with technical terminologies and deep-rooted understanding.?


            Our translators manage time efficiently and hence complete the project in fast turnaround time.
            Professional native translators are chosen for the relevant project. Their expertise and skills help to maintain the quality of translation.
            Requirements for each project varies. Because of it, the cost of every project is different. But we do assure to provide market competitive rates for every project.
            Documents are handled by the respective translators only and extra precautions are also taken to secure the documents.
            Yes, we follow a standard hierarchy for all projects. Project managers handle the projects relevant to their teams and follow strict quality control procedures.

            What People Say About Us

            Over 95% of our clients recommend our language services to others

            With nearly two decades of experience, CCJK’s quality centric approach and professional services have earned it the reputation of the most trusted language service provider across the globe.

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