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            Trusted and Secure Legal Translations Services

            Some industries such as the legal industry are diverse and complex sectors that are critical for functioning of any country. To be able to transcend boundaries, however, the legal sector needs a secure and reliable translation partner that can help it to go global.

            Our professional legal translators have the expertise and legal knowledge to make this global transition a reality. We understand that translation of legal documents can be a tough and daunting task but with our affordable, reliable, and professional approach, you can get flawless translation for all legal content in more than 100 global languages and in the format of your choice.

            Documents We Translate

            • Immigration or Naturalisation Documents
            • Birth certificates
            • Marriage certificates
            • Divorce certificates
            • Death certificates
            • Transcripts
            • By-Laws
            • Training certificates
            • Degrees
            • All legal and regulatory documents and patents
            • Documents and manuscripts
            • Insurance claims
            • Court case documents
            • Court Pleadings/Papers
            • Power of attorney documents
            • Ambassador and Embassy related papers
            • Arbitration and dispute related documents
            • Judgments
            • Adoption Papers
            • Wills

            Legal Terminology

            Professional legal translation is a highly specialized field that requires extensive care for translating the terms and clauses of legal content. The translation of legal terminology must precisely convey the information present in the source document, as any ambiguity can result in distortion of meaning.

            Our legal translation professionals understand the complicated nature of legal documents, which is why they deliver concise and expert translation of all legal content so that all complicated terms of legal documents are translated without any effect on quality.

            Legal Translation Services Articles


            Legal translations do not have any prior time set to deliver the project. Our team of translators focuses on providing quality translation within the fastest turnaround time. On average, our translators translate 2500-3000 words/day.
            With the help of our software tools, proofreading, and expert translators we are able to produce quality content in any language pair. Level 2 and level 3 translators are recruited to work on the technical domain with their level of expertise.
            Legal projects are subject to high cost but usually cost of any of the translation documents varies on the basis of language and word count in legal documents. You can get a free quote as well.
            Special measures are taken to maintain the confidentiality of data. Online access to the documents is limited to the client and to the translator. Besides documents are password protected to ensure safety.
            Absolutely, your data is secure throughout the translation process. Even translators are given the document level by level to secure the data.

            What People Say About Us

            Over 95% of our clients recommend our language services to others

            With nearly two decades of experience, CCJK’s quality centric approach and professional services have earned it the reputation of the most trusted language service provider across the globe.

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